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The Players

Male (photo)

Tony Nicotra                                     The Golfer/ The Hub
John Simonetti                                  The Engineer
Ed Smith                                            The Businessman
John Clarke                                      The Webmaster
John Raggio                                      The Owner
Tony Stoya                                         The Job Maker  "RIP"
Vinnie Mandracchia                            The Real Golfer
Bob Williamson                                  The Salesman
Ed Rhew                                            The Good Old Boy
Carl Crownover                                 The Accountant
Frank Segreto                                     The Banker

Female (photo)

Linda Janosi Simonetti                        The Nurse
Janet Reilly Raggio                            The Research Dept
Ginny Keffner Clarke                          The Teacher
Rosemarie Molina Crownover              The Principal
Harriet McGreal                                   The Healer
Louise Noferi Segreto                          The Grandmother
Anne McGinley Stoya                          The Pathfinder
Mary Foley Smith                                    The Health Instructor
Anne Naughton Williamson                     "Our Friend"

The Kids
Christmas Party
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